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Welcome to - Wuxi Haiyuan Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. official website
,Sales consulting hotline:0510 - 8379 5411
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  Wuxi Haiyuan Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a full-stock high-tech enterprise. It is a professional research and development unit for evaporation equipment that integrates foreign technology and produces scraper evaporators (thin film evaporators, short-range evaporators). The company has: product structure laboratory and physical evaporation / distillation laboratory.
Company purpose:”Technological innovation, integrity management.”
  The company mainly produces products:

  The company mainly produces products:
Also for foreign companies such as: Roche {ROCHE} and other large companies to provide project support services, praised by domestic and foreign users
  • Address: No. 29, Ruirui Road, Zhangye Town, Wuxi City
  • Phone: 0510-83795411 83792400
  • Fax: 0510-83792400
  • Mobile phone: 13701510330
  • E-mail: wxhysh@163.com
  • Web:Http://m.sweetlandmusic.com
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