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New centrifugal thin film evaporator

Evaporation is a common unit operation in the operation of chemical unit. It can be divided into single-effect evaporation, multi-effect evaporation and direct contact evaporation. It can be divided into non-circulating evaporation, natural circulation evaporation and forced circulation according to fluid circulation. Evaporation, wiped film evaporation and centrifugal thin film evaporation. Different evaporators are used for different materials during design. The correct application can not only improve the quality of products, but also save energy, reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.

First, the principle

   The new centrifugal thin film evaporator adopts a built-in conical rotary heater. The material is directly fed into the conical heater by the conveying pipe. Under the push of centrifugal force, the material is rolled and heated along the heating surface, and the entire evaporation process is completed at the top of the cone. The light component is recovered into the condenser through the secondary vapor outlet, and the heavy component is transported into the finished storage tank by the discharge collecting pipe, and the material that does not reach the concentration requirement is recycled to the evaporator through the circulation pump for secondary evaporation.

Second, the characteristics

   1、 High evaporation

The material generates centrifugal force on the heating surface rotating at high speed, and the centrifugal force generated can reach hundreds or even thousands of times of gravity. Under such a large centrifugal force, the thickness of the liquid film formed on the heating surface can reach 0.1 mm. Good evaporation effect, high evaporation intensity, total heat transfer coefficient4000-8000kal/m2.hrc.

   2、 Short residence time: Due to the high centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the cone heating surface, the material flows quickly from the small end of the cone to the outside, and the entire heating and evaporation process takes only 1-2 seconds.

   3、 Low evaporating temperature: The new centrifugal thin film evaporator is operated under vacuum, and the space inside the evaporator is large enough, so the vacuum is higher than that of the general evaporator, so the boiling point of the material can be greatly reduced, at a lower temperature. The evaporation operation is carried out.

   4、 The operation flexibility is large: the centrifugal thin film evaporator can control the residence time of the material on the heating surface at different rotation speeds, so that the material reaches the required concentration. Secondly, the position height of the discharge collecting pipe can be adjusted, and the concentration can be stabilized.

   5、 It has a unique foaming suppression effect: the ordinary evaporator is difficult to handle for the materials that are easy to foam during the heating process, and generally adopts defoaming or foam accumulation, and has a unique foaming inhibiting function.

   6、 Clean and efficient: the centrifugal thin film evaporator has a simple structure, less dead angle, no need for scraping, and is different from the scraper type thin film evaporator, which avoids the friction between the scraper and the heating surface, eliminates the pollution caused by the scraper abrasion, and is easy to disinfect. It is especially suitable for products that are not required by GMP in the pharmaceutical industry.

   7、 Clear and efficient: the centrifugal film generator is equipped with a sight glass observation hole, which is clear at a glance to the material concentration process and film formation. There are other evaporators/

   8、 High efficiency and energy saving: Due to the good film formation of the centrifugal thin film evaporator, the evaporation intensity is large and the heat energy utilization rate is high. Compared with the traditional evaporator, the evaporation efficiency is significantly improved, and the heat energy utilization rate is high, which is an efficient and energy-saving evaporation. Device.

However, the centrifugal thin film evaporator is also limited. If the viscosity of the material exceeds 200CP at the evaporation temperature, it is not suitable to use a centrifugal thin film evaporator. Since the peripheral configuration is more, the price is higher than that of the general evaporator.

Third, the scope of application:

   Due to the above obvious characteristics of the centrifugal thin film evaporator, as long as the viscosity of the material does not exceed 200CP, the evaporation process can be completed by a centrifugal thin film evaporator, especially for products with extremely high heat sensitivity, and high foaming when heated by evaporation. Evaporation of materials such as antibiotic fermentation broth, blood products and aqueous protein solutions, especially for products with extremely high heat sensitivity, and materials with high foaming properties when heated by evaporation, such as antibiotic fermentation broth, blood products and protein aqueous solutions. Evaporation, especially for materials with high foaming during evaporation, other forms of evaporator are not easy to solve, and centrifugal thin film evaporators are a better form.

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