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Evaporation unit

   We not only design and manufacture individual equipment, we also design, develop and manufacture complete sets of equipment.

   A complete set of equipment is required to complete product distillation and evaporation; if multiple fractions need to be fractionated from the feed, multiple sets of equipment are typically required, or multiple evaporators are used to complete the distillation.

   For example, to achieve a short-range distillation process, in addition to short-range evaporators, you need to choose other equipment, such as: degassing, product processing, heating, vacuum generation and other devices.

·Degassing device

   The feed product usually contains dissolved gases and a small amount of low-boiling components; under medium and high vacuum conditions, they are not condensed by the cooling water of the usual temperature, which affects the degree of vacuum.

   In order to ensure that the vacuum pump load is as low as possible before the short-path distiller, it is recommended to add a degassing device in front of the distiller to remove the low-boiling components in the middle and high vacuum.

   It has been proved that the WFE type thin film evaporator is a fairly good degassing device. The product can be preheated while it is degassing.

·Product processing

   The degasser and the short path distiller can be connected by a difference such that the product flows through the device under the influence of gravity. If they are to be at the same height, a pump must be used to transport the product from the degasser to the short path distiller. The feed is continuously operated and the product is continuously removed with the receiver intermittently or with a pump.

·Vacuum device

   In short-range distillers, it is important to select a suitable vacuum for maintaining a certain vacuum operating pressure, usually using a mechanical pump unit or a combination of a mechanical pump and a steam jet pump. When the vacuum pressure is in the range of 0.01 to 0.001 mbar, a diffusion pump must also be used.

   In addition, in order to keep the outward partial pressure as low as possible, a cold well must be placed between the evaporator and the vacuum pump; the cold well is used as a refrigerant with low temperature water or frozen liquid.

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